Asia’s economic growth provides a compelling opportunity of investment

#1 – Asia is growing three times faster than developed developed world

Economic growth in Asia is booming. Countries across the region have seen much higher GDP expansion over the last two decades than in the D7 advanced economics. Raising wealth is fuelling consumer spending, thanks to high employment levels and wage growth

#2 – Middle class to grow 2.1. Billion by 2030

Asia’s middle class – the largest market for consumer goods and services – is expanding rapidly. Its estimated it will grow to 3.4 billion by 2030. This is well in excess of any other region.

Source: Statista and Bookings Institution as at 28 February 2018 for current and projected data. Bookings institution, The unprecedented Expansion of the Global Middle Class

#3 – Highest air traffic growth rate

Asia is taking off. Ongoing investment in aviation infrastructure, increase cross-boater trade and rising disposable incomes in Asia are fuelling a rise in passenger and cargo air traffic. In Asia Pacific this expansion in air travel is well above the global growth rate.

#4 – China’s Singles Day, largest e-commerce event …by far

Online sales for the retail festival are more than double Black Friday and Cyber Monday (the key dates from the US Thanksgiving period). Thousands of orders are proceeds second, demonstrated the unmitigated power of e-commerce in Asia.

#5 – 44% of World’s R&D spent in Asia

Country in Asia having increased their spending on research and development, hoping to fuel the next wave of technology innovation, Thee region as a whole now outspends the rest of the world on R&D.

#6 – More graduates in technology and engineering than anywhere else

Asia tops the leader board for the countries with the most STEN (Since, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) graduates, create g the innovators of the future. In 2016 China had 4.7 million STEM graders, India 2.6 million – with north America on just 600,000.

#7 – Robot density seven times that of the global average

The region is fully embracing the global shift towards technology. In manufacturing countries like South Korea and Singapore have more robots per employee tan any other major nations in Europe or North America

#8 – Asias biggest market is it self

Asia is now its own largest trading partner. The region is seeing the benefits of proximity, high economic growth, a boarding of manuring basses and lower trade barriers.

#9 – Infrastructure investment, US$30 trillion opportunity

Growing populations and increasing urbanisation have led to a large infrastructure gap. Its estimated that developing Asia will need to invest US$1.7 trillion a year up to 2023 to continue growth momentum, eradicate poverty, and respond to climate change.

Source: Asia Development Bank 2017

#10 – Ease of Doing Business, 3 of top 5 are in Asia

Countries from across Asia are ranked highly by the World Bank fro how conducive the regulate environment is to starting up and operating a business. Sing apogee, Hong Kong and south Korea are all in the top five.

Source: World Bank, ‘Ease of doing business’ ranking as at 2018